London is one of the most beautiful, diverse, cosmopolitan, exciting cities in the world. Living and studying here is an experience unlike any other. With the best culture, entertainment and nightlife on your doorstep, one thing you can guarantee is that you’ll never be bored.

London is brimming with both history and innovation, and the Academy is situated at the heart of it all. Regent’s Park is just around the corner, and within walking distance are Wigmore Hall, Oxford Street, the theatres of the West End and the bars and restaurants of Soho. Jump on a Tube or a bus and in 20 minutes you can be enjoying the buzz of the South Bank or the eclectic mix of market stalls, food and live music in Camden.

Living in London

Creative inspiration is everywhere. Take a break from your studies to see world-class soloists, bands, orchestras and singers performing in venues across London, or head to one of the city’s many theatres, galleries, clubs, bars, parks or museums.

Whatever your passions and interests, in London you’ll find somewhere to enjoy them and people to share them with.

How much will it cost to live in London?

This depends on many factors, including your own lifestyle. It’s impossible to put an exact figure on it, but here are some indicative costs based on two students:

These are the typical essential monthly costs of Student A, who lives in a house share with friends:

  • Accommodation: £600
  • Bills: £100
  • Food: £150
  • Travel: £97
  • Socialising: £150
  • Course costs (such as sheet music, stationery and going to concerts): £50
  • Extras (such as laundry, shampoo/shower gel, clothes and haircuts): £50
  • Total: £1,197 per month

Top tip:

Don’t forget about musical instrument insurance and the cost of getting your instrument overhauled. They’re not everyday expenses, but need to be factored into your budget.

These are the typical essential monthly costs of Student B, who lives in halls:

  • Accommodation in halls, including bills and breakfast/dinner: £880 (term time only)
  • Lunch: £90
  • Travel: £57 (bus pass only, as the accommodation is close to the Academy)
  • Socialising: £170
  • Course costs (such as reeds, concert clothes, tickets to concerts, sheet music and books): £85
  • Extras (such as toiletries, laundry/detergent and clothes): £45
  • Total: £1,327

Top tip:

If you're an international student, remember to budget for flights home, too. There’s also the cost of visas and the immigration health surcharge to factor in.

Hardship fund

We know that finding the money to support yourself while studying can be tough. In cases of extreme financial hardship that may arise during the course of the academic year, the Academy might be able to offer some assistance.

Applications for this funding should be directed to the office of the Dean of Students after you have enrolled. All students are eligible and will be means-tested.

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